Quad Gaming: New Kids On The Block

Quad Gaming, a newly formed professional e-Sports organization, made an impact on the Capture The Flag tournament this year at QuakeCon.  Having  dispatched the Complexity team (coL.) 2-0 in a match that showed the dominant play these guys have en route to a victory over LOADED for a third place finish.

QUAD’s roster for the tourney was as follows:

QUAD Gaming: rapha, br1ck, jones, sdahaghi

The first map was on the new map (or old, Quake 2 represent) Japan Castles and took awhile to get started but once Quad Gaming was able to break the defence of complexity the caps started rolling in.  coL.relic was able to knock down a quad run or two from QUAD’s jones but eventually the defence broke when jones was able to frag relic while both players had quad to execute a forty plus second quad run which saw him able to cover his flag carrier QUAD.sdahaghi shotgun boosting him to the base for the opening cap.  The second cap also saw jones propel  sdahaghi with a quad shotgun blast into the base.

Complexity had a glimmer of hope just past the eight minute mark when a lot of confusion in the blue courtyard allowed them to get past Quad Gaming’s defence and score bringing the match to 2-1 in favour of QUAD.  The next few minutes of play saw a flag standoff between the two teams with Br1ck, QUADS main base D, being tapped to hold the flag and relic holding the flag on the complexity side.  Eventually QUAD was able to secure the cap boosting their lead to 3-1.  It was the turnaround cap that served as the nail in the coffin in an exchange that saw jones best carnage by only 11 hp to secure the 4-1 cap.

The great play continued for QUAD onto the second map Troubled Waters.  The flag running from QUAD’s flag carrier sdahaghi continued to impress and was reminiscent of the quality flag running seen from fnatic’s link1n in 2009.  His ability to smoothly transition from the flag stand out of the base shined through along with rapha’s rock solid mid fielding en route to a 6-0 victory.  QUAD jones was almost able to out aim the prodigious aim master carnage, who shot a 54% with his rail, but fell just short only being able to come up with a 50% on the match.

The team then faced EG and came up short but that is nothing to be ashamed of as any CTF fan knows EG’s dominance in CTF is unquestionable.  After being bumped from the big show the targets were set on LOADED and in a great match they were able to best “team kgb” using amazing teamwork and communication.

It was quite a thing to watch the team once they got going with rapha calling items and jones giving position reports the team was able to come together and pull off the third place victory. 

A great success story for Quake in general it is nice to see the team formed by long time community standouts Stephen “stevo” Cano and Adam “ice” Modesto getting a little love from the big dogs.  Hopefully this will mean nothing but great things for the Quad Gaming team and Quad Gaming tournaments many in the North American community have come to love in the future.

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