Get Ready for RAGE in 2011!

Rage has been on my waiting list of games to play ever since I first saw the trailer that was released at last year’s Quakecon. I think a majority of us will agree that the “Mad Max,” post-apocalyptic world is one of the most interesting settings for a movie or video game, making Rage highly of interest. From what I was able to preview at the conference (besides the normal mutated and disfigured abominations of life roaming around the world), Rage brings exciting new elements to the racing aspect of the FPS/racing genre that look amazing. From the explosions, weapon fire, melee attacks, enemies, grasping the feel of the speed when you’re driving throughout the world and the novel, unseen areas for exploration, there lies something darker and more hellish than anticipated.

I can honestly say that Rage is one of the best-looking first-person shooters I’ve been exposed to and that the scenes previewed at the conference foretell its future potential. Rage’s overall presentation has made me ten times more excited to play it upon its release, the dates of which were dropped on us at the end of the conference: the North American release is set for 9/13/2011 and the European release is set for 09/15/2011.

Feel enraged till then!

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