QuakeCon 2010: Exhibitors

The Exhibitors

QLTV’s own Bowl graciously agreed to accompany me on a quest to experience (and explain) all the hard, soft, and state-of-the-art-gaming ware exhibited in a huge series of booths across the giant conference room.

This booth was, along with Asus and a vibrant main-stage, was one of the preliminary exhibitors as eager QuakeCon attendees made their way into the main conference area. They hosted a series of state-of-the-art computers and monitors, exhibiting their extensive hardware and collaborated software collection. Monitor after monitor displayed games for attendees to experiment with. The most notable game was Fall Out 3 New Vegas, complete with 3-dimensional glasses for state of the art gaming, a theme of this year’s Quake Con. Bowl informed me that this was just a step toward the future of full-immersion gaming, bringing the gamer into the world s/he is experiencing.

Asus, another hardware exhibitor, was next to them, and displayed a series of Need for Speed (on x-box 360s) games that lit up sets of three monitors. Again, this is a way of bringing the gamer into the game, and as I drove the race-car along the road, I have to admit, the full space and detailed roads really got me into the game. Unfortunately, not being a particularly good driver, I soon flipped my car over along the realistic dirt road. Asus is known for its excellent quality, but more manageably priced hardware as compared to some of the other companies.

As we ventured further back in the room, I was astounded by a huge Alienware Chandelier. It hung sturdily over their extensive booth, which hosted, besides more game trials, a life-sized Humvee that housed a number of computers and gamers in a Left for Dead 2 competition. Alienware was also the provider of the majority of the hardware used in the main competitions, renting out an entire roomful of brand-spanking new computers in a variety of Alienware colors to QuakeCon for the QuakeLive tournament. More on this to come.

The longest line at QuakeCon (besides the entranceway to the BYOC registration) was at the Bethesda booth; a group of excited gamers waited patiently to play state-of-the-art, unreleased games. Brink, an exciting and unmatchable game designed by the maker of Splash Damage, Paul Wedgewood, was being played on several screens. I watched as Bowl explained to me some about the game. It is similar to Call of Duty in the construction of the map and aim setup. One of the features that is new to this type of game, however, is mutual revival of teammates.
Also being promoted, though without a testing site, was Rage, a soon-to-be-released 1st person shooter, set in a “‘Mad-Max’ish” post-apocalyptic backdrop.
Lastly, Bethesda displayed a number of Hunted game-screens. An over the shoulder style angle, this game is similar to the set of Gears of War.

Quake Series Developers
Another booth (unnamed) displayed one of the newest console-only Quake games in the Quake series. Played on the Xbox 360, this game is intended to bring console gamers into the world of Quake as they have never been before. Because Quake has always been played on computers, it has never been particularly accessible to video console gamers. The game will not have any fees like those of QuakeLive, but can be played directly through Xbox LIVE. The game will not be released until the Holidays, and I felt privileged to glimpse into this new gaming wave.

By Dana “Dizzy,” with help from Bowl : )

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