Is 3-D gaming the future?

Walking into Quakecon’s 2010 venue (and my first Quakecon), I immediately felt the immense amount of energy inside: there were people gaming and socializing, computers, booths galore, and video games! Upon surviving the overwhelming amount of people and noise at the entrance, I was first able to experience one of the things that I’d wanted to test out at Quakecon: Nvidia’s 3D gaming. After waiting around in a line for about fifteen minutes to try Fallout 3 in 3D, I was able to get my hands on those sweet, “fashionable” 3D glasses that I’d been craving! After playing for about twenty minutes, I felt slightly uncomfortable wearing the glasses and had some trouble focusing on certain objects in the virtual world, but I was very impressed that the color was able to show through the dark lenses so well. By far one of the best parts about testing out Nvidia’s 3D gaming, though, was blowing mutated, human scum heads into tiny bits – in 3D! If you haven’t experienced 3D gaming yet, you’re really missing out on something great, and although Fallout 3 wasn’t my first pick of games to play in 3D, it was an awesome first encounter with 3D gaming. If you haven’t yet tried out 3D gaming yet, my suggestion to you would be to get on it quick!

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2 Responses to “Is 3-D gaming the future?”

  1. Chel says:

    3D Gaming does sound pretty sick! Wish I could see it! What other games do they have out in 3D?

    Woo Quakecon :)

  2. dan says:

    what if u have no depth perception can u still see it?

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