32 Is The Perfect Number To Party

With the 64 player Intel-Masters Tournament scraped we are now set to see the tournament proceed with a 32 man field.  Although we are not sure exactly when the matches are set to start as of now I will run through some of the most interesting match-ups we are going to see in the first bracket and why you should pay attention to them.

(17) Flysher vs. (16) Carnage

Both of these players focus primarily on CTF so it will be interesting to see how the fair when they face off later today.  Flysher won the Intel-Open at QuakeCon 2009 but both players have said they are primarily focused on Capture The Flag at this years tournament.

(21) sparks vs. (12) proZac

Why should you watch this match?  Because proZac is a p1mp.  proZac is a old school Quake 3 TDM legend who never applied himself to duelling  He has been practising from his home in Japan and secured a second place victory at the IEM Asia showing the world his practice has paid off.  sparks, always exciting, will be an interesting test as he welcomes proZac back to North America.

(19) uNleashed vs. (14) kgb

This is a match I’m sure a lot of people are waiting to see. On one side we have uNleashed the only true pure Japanese pro in the tournament.  uNleashed landed a third place finish at IEM Asian just behind his new training partner proZac.  This will be a great chance to see how far Japanese Quake has caught up to the EU and NA scenes.  kgb on the other hand is the always surrounded in controversy.  With accusations of online hacking following this player like a black cloud Quake fans everywhere are eager to see how he fairs in a LAN environment.

(15) lost cause vs. (18) vamp1re

Probably the most interesting rags to riches success story in all pro gaming lost cause has not fared well at QuakeCon since the release of QuakeLive.  He is facing off against another old-schooler the new crowd of Quake fans may not be familiar with, vamp1re, was well known in the CPMA community a favourite mod for competition in Quake 3.  This is the type of match that used to get talked about all the time, a Quake 3 and CPMA great facing off.

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