“ROCKET” Till The Wheels Fall Off: Rocket Talk Impressions

John Carmack and Richard Garriott’s talk on rocketry and space travel recently ended and what a talk it was.  These two are passionate about space travel to the point of being awe inspiring.  Garriott spoke of his trip to space he took in Russia and how seeing how much of the Earth we are using caused his environmental awareness to increase and Carmack spoke of how destroying his rockets will push space travel forward like nothing else can.

At Armadillo Aerospace they literally “rock it till the wheels fall off”. Actually the call their rockets exploding “learning experiences”  Unlike NASA Carmack explained that the best way to gather data and improve your designs is to actually build, launch and watch them succeed or fail.  Widely regarded as being one of the best, if not the best, entrepreneur in private space engine propulsion he must be doing something right because now his company has been contracted to work with NASA.

Carmack explained how he feels partnerships like this between NASA and private companies will help push the space race forward quicker then we have seen since the fifties and sixties because a private company has the luxury or doing exactly what Armadillo Aerospace prides themselves on – actually testing their designs in the real world.

Carmack even said that he would love to bring a rocket to QuakeCon and fire it in the parking lot one year, which received laughs from the crowd, but looking at his face it was easy to see he was serious.  The passion these two famous game designers share for space travel is nothing short of inspiring and if you get a chance you should definitely look into the ground breaking work that is being done.  Who knows in ten years we could all be able to take a trip to space.  We can only dream.

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