iPhones, Ray Tracing, VR, but no DooM

The annual John Carmack Keynote has needed and much to the disappointment to many in the audience there was no DooM information released.  The keynote did hold some interesting surprises none-the-less.

John stepped to the stage and showed us an amazing, beautiful, demo of Rage on the iPhone.  It really did look great and is set to take iPhone game technology to the next level.  The demo was short and sweet but Carmack did state that it would be the company’s first release of the Rage IP.

The technical director at id also mentioned his experimentation with Ray Tracing and how in the future it would make games not only look better but also make development much less complicated.  In the future being two or three generation from now.  He also mentioned that the render farm he was using to experiment with the cutting edge tech eventually run into a problem, not based on computing power, but based on the fact that  the farm eventually maxed out the buildings cooling ability.  This was greeted by laughs from the crowd.

Carmack also touched on an old passion of his, that of virtual reality.  He talked about how the software currently running head mounted viewing devices was by far the biggest limitation.  He also hinted that it would be something we might see him work on in the future, something that might again cause a “wow” moment throughout the gaming community, which would prove to simply be the most recent in a long list from the Software game developer.

Personally my most recent happened today -  was seeing rage in action on the iPhone.

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8 Responses to “iPhones, Ray Tracing, VR, but no DooM”

  1. Jallen says:

    Found a vid on youtube if anyone’s interested.


  2. suppersready says:

    You’ve got a type on the first line. You see it right?

  3. suppersready says:

    type -> typo gl guys

  4. Matt C says:

    Is there a full video of this available? I’d love to be able to watch it since the stream wasn’t setup when this was happening, and I was at work so I didn’t have the time to.

  5. Alan J says:

    Yeah, I’m interested in the full video also, any chance of getting it up?

  6. Sean says:

    Seriously, can we expect to get a video of Carmak’s keynote uploaded. I’d much rather watch it myself than read the distilled comments from bloggers. I’m a hardcore tech guy, I can understand what he is talking about and prefer to hear it myself.

  7. chizran says:

    Can we expect the full keynote video to be posted?

  8. Forest says:

    Where can I watch the entire John Carmack keynote, not just the iPhune stuff? thx

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