Quakecon Thoughts – Day 3

Aaah, Quakecon. We’re here, and you’re not. We’ve been keeping you updated with these daily blogs to give you our random thoughts on what’s been going on during the day, and that’s been a good way to find out exactly what those thoughts are.

When you’re not here, it’s easy to get the content of what’s been going on here – you can see the interviews, matches, and general asshattery that goes on here. What you *won’t* get is the feeling of being around thousands of other Quakers, talking about Quake all day, playing Quake all day, and breathing, eating, and living Quake all day. That is an experience you simply won’t get anywhere else. It’s really something you wish would last longer than four days, but you’ll be thinking about those four golden days for the entirety of the next year.

This year has been extra-special, however. The recent purchase by ZeniMax (or “partnership with Bethesda”, however you prefer) has a lot of us worried about the future and purity of what iD software mean to a lot of us. After the keynote, however, many of those fears were put to rest, and it really looks as if the big John knows what he’s doing and that this partnership can only mean good things for the future. iD is still going to be doing what they do best, and it appears as if Bethesda is warm to the traditions of open-sourcing engines after later iterations and all that happy jazz.


So yeah, plenty of things to think about and digest. I’d like to see Quake come back into the mainstream spotlight, and QuakeLive, even in beta, looks like it can pick up enough steam to do just that. This isn’t important so much from a “aren’t we cool” perspective so much as the simple fact that we’ll have new blood in the game. Also, from the way QuakeLive will be handling tournaments and servers in the near future (check out the interview with Marty!), these new players will have more ways to enjoy the game and be involved in something cohesive than they formally have in the past.

Does that mean external communities won’t be able to persist? Hell no! In fact, Marty mentioned that these communities (read: us) are going to do a better job then they are since we’re so damn clever, and the official QuakeLive stuff will act as a portal into these other place.

But I’m getting a little ahead of myself. QL is still new, these features are going to be truly new, and there’s still going to be a bit of time before we really see how it pans out. I do believe, however, that we are truly on the brink (pun intended) of a new paradigm in how these games and communities will operate.

And once again, it looks like it’ll be iD Software showing us the right way to do it.

Rock on, Quakecon.

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4 Responses to “Quakecon Thoughts – Day 3”

  1. FiRESiTH says:

    Hell fucking yes.

  2. Mattc0m says:

    Excellent article!

  3. Rob says:


    Across all the main sites we masses of picture galleries, interviews and general whitter about quakecon, all that will be defunct after the event itself.

    Can someone please concentrate on getting player/spec demos from the tournament (as I imagine a lot of people not there will want these) and uploading them somewhere. Literally all I can find at the stage is a handful on demos posted on esreality.com – http://www.esreality.com/?a=demos&event=1668534 – it really is a poor show for such a big event in my opinion. It was the same with eswc too.

  4. We’re working on getting the demos. All of them. However, prepare for the kick in the nuts now… from what I hear, there are no demos of the finals. You know, that epic finals between rapha and spartie that went 5 maps? Yeah, that one.

    Start your WTFBBQ??!?!?!, etc. etc. lines now. We were stunned, too.

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