QuakeLive Young Gamers 5pm EST

At 5pm EST the finals of the QuakeLive young gamers Official BYOC tournament will be broadcast live to you on the internet.  This tournament is a great idea and has been one if the most unique parts of QuakeCon this year.  The tournament is for gamers under 15 and we have seen some players compete throughout as young as 11 years old.  This is the future of Quake and getting players involved at this stage will help cement QuakeLive into the future.

It has been a pleasure to see these youngsters square off in Quake and I have to hand it to id for making everything happen.  If you think about it ten years ago when Quake was first released players this young wouldn’t even be able to purchase the game.  As we move forward and QuakeLive continues to grow momentum you can be sure we will see these players again in the future and who knows, we could even see some of them become sponsored pros.

Join us live as QuakeLive.TV brings you all the action at 5pm EST.  For many players this is where is all begins.

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