Finals Day, Masters Update

Alright guys Finals day is set to kick off in just a few minutes so I thought I would give everyone a quick rundown on what’s going to be happenning.  In the upper brackets the two finalists Cypher and Rapha both have played some very close matches in order to keep themselves in the winners bracket.  Cyper was able to best Killsen 2-1 and then Stermy 2-1.  In the second winners bracket after yesterdays mayhem ended up being Rapha who won probably the closest match so far in the tournament against DaHang 2-1.  This match included the most epic shot thus far in the tourny which saw DaHang rail Rapha into a grenade he had just fired.

This morning in the losers bracket DaHang was able to take down Stermy eliminating the Italian from the tournament but he has shown that he can compete in QuakeLive against the best in the world.  Also in the second losers bracket Spartie was able to best dkt eliminating him.  It is interesting that as we now into the final four there is two European players in Cypher and Spartie and two North Americans so at this point when it comes to the international grudge match we are dead even.

Later on this afternoon we are set to see the winners bracket 1 and 2 winners, cypher and Rapha face off, then the loser of that match will face the loser of the lower bracket finals between Spartie and DaHang.  It is interesting to note that both of these matches see a Euro vs. NA player, and once either Spartie or DaHang are eleiminated the victor will have to wait to face the loser of the winners bracket final between number 1 seeded euro cypher and the American DaHang.  Once the final elimination match is done we will move to the finals in what I personally hope will see the best player from both sides of the pond square off in an international grudge match to finally answer which side has the best dueler in the world.

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