Today, we saw a very interesting presentation by Splash Damage CEO Paul Wedgwood, concerning their new title BRINK. I personally was going into this event with very high expectations: I loved SD’s last big game (Enemy Territory: Quake Wars) and have been impressed with all info and screenshots released thus far. I would be selling it short if I said it was just awesome. We were literally blown away.

Why, do you ask?

1. Class base teamplay, evolved. Its another class based game, focused on the dynamic interactions between classes, and the teamplay that goes along with that. However BRINK is not as limited as game like W:ET, RTCW, or ET:QW. You can change a lot more stuff – on the fly. You can customize exactly what kind of weaponry and equipment you have. Even the body type you choose affects your run speed, agility, jump ability. Oh yeah, and the equipment you get to choose from and customize is pretty bad ass as well (sweetest looking grenade launcher and shotguns I’ve seen in a while).

2. Movement. S.M.A.R.T. Smooth Movement Across Random Terrain. For example, if you are holding down your SMART key and looking at a ledge low enough to theoretically jump atop it, you will. If you are holding down your SMART key, looking down as you run past a railing, you’ll slide underneath it. Now by the demo, this didn’t seem to be an autopilot button at all, it looked as if it took skill to use appropriately, and move that that, it looked like you could be rather creative with SMART. As a former Tribes player, Quake enthusiast, and ET:QW vet, variable skill base movement is KEY for my enjoyment of an FPS (suckit COD/CSS/every other clone of the like).

3. DROOOOOOL…. The graphics look amazing. The story sounds very promising. The art direction is just hawt. I am totally sold on the image of the game at this point.

4. A unique take on connectivity. Everything you do, online or off, goes to your persistent character. I am really not one for weapon upgrades, but one of the audience questions put me at ease. The weapon “upgrades” really just give you more options, not necessarily better options. Besides, you can only bring a certain number of weapons and items on the field at any time, so as to not overpower the shiny stuff. Also, it works somewhat like Left 4 Dead. As in, you play through campaign-esque games. You can join a lobby and go with 7 team mates off the bat, or you can start on your own and invite friends as they sign on.

5. Customization. First of all, you can customize your character to quite a significant level. The models look great and there is lots to do to make them your own. Second, you can play the campaign however you see fit. For certain objectives there are required classes, but there are many ways to complete them, as the maps are expansive with many, many routes to the objective.

So in essence, I am officially a huge fanboy. I love it, and will definitely be following it closely as it enters alpha (the demo was saw was pre-alpha?!?!?), beta, and demo.

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7 Responses to “We <3 BRINK”

  1. Mattc0m says:

    So FLIPPIN’ awesome! Nice writeup, stlava!

  2. take note: I was/am very tired and was certainly NOT taking notes during the press conference.

  3. Curious says:

    can you please upload the vid?

  4. SniperSteve says:

    During the demo, they asked that no-one take videos.

  5. Much to our dismay, and after requesting a network drop and time to setup cameras and such, we got word minutes before the event, with cameras in hand, that we weren’t allowed to film anything at all. Sad Panda. :(

  6. matt says:

    Don’t forget you can download the fan site kit at brinkthegame.com :)

  7. Fixed the author since Fishy was ghosting slava’s acct for this post.

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