SniperSteve’s QuakeCon ’09 Review

One of our favorite ET:QW players to spectate, SniperSteve (famous for his rocket launcher and obliterator skillz), sent us over a nice little writeup couple with a few hundred pictures from the first days of QuakeCon.

A review of QuakeCon days 0-2

During a ride in a cab to the Gaylord Texan, I asked the driver how the hotel compares to others in the area. His answer was simple; “The Top”. This answer describes the hotel and this year’s QuakeCon perfectly.

Like last year, the BYOC registration line was started over 12 hours before registration opened. Raptor, L4nce and I got in line in the early afternoon and enjoyed all of the normal geek discussions and antics that defines QuakeCon’s BYOC registration line, and were lucky enough to get a QuakeCon ’09 t-shirt. Around 10:00 the line opened up, and within an hour we entered the massive BYOC area. With a setup to seat 3,000 gamers, plus a new ‘console village’ area and classic arcade games (including 4-player pong), the BYOC is simply HUGE and better than previous years. We also were able to see a bit of the vendor area in the distance and spotted some Wolfenstien and QuakeLive signs.

When the vendor area opened on Thursday morning, the mad rush began as hundreds of people streamed in to see and play demos for new games like Wolfenstein, the new console version of DOOM II and Quake Arena, Global Agenda, and Wet.

The Wolfenstein demo was quite good. It started with an awesome CGI intro that showed BJ Blaskowitz totally owning Nazis, and introduced the Veil. The graphics were competitive with other new games, but nothing terribly outstanding. The game-play and movement felt quite refined, and the AI would appropriately take cover and would apparently attempt to flank you and the resistance fighters you were with. That being said, the AI didn’t seem too smart, but it probably gets more realistic on the harder levels. HiRez Studios also had a table setup for their well received game, Global Agenda, which is a spy-fi MMOFPS.

The press conference included a trailer for Rage, Brink, and a mention that Doom would be a topic for next QuakeCon, and then moved onto the keynote. The focus of the first part of the keynote was primarily to reassure the community that the merger with ZeniMax is a positive one, and that it will enable them to put out more, larger, and more risky games. The second part covered what id software is currently focusing on and planning on doing in the future.

Just to throw in a few more things before wrapping this up: The live demo for BRINK was awesome, and should provide a great co-op experience. So-far the QuakeLive tournaments have been quite good, and the final matches for both CTF and 1v1 should be exciting to watch. A cool thing this year was the Dodgeball tournament, which gave a needed break from the constant gaming in the BYOC.

Overall, Quakecon ’09 is a BLAST!

MASSIVE Gallery included!

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