Space Day Zero

Day zero came to a close yesterday and well.. everything was great.. as usual it has been a scramble to setup but it wouldn’t be QuakeCon if it wasn’t.  Really the urgent atmosphere is one of the best aspescts of the event (haha).  Having never been to the Gaylord Texan in the past I have to say the location is spectacular.. and if you havn’t been it really is a must for any Doom, Quake, Wolfensteing, ETQW, keen.. or just idophile in general.  That’s right, I just made up a new word.

Being day zero (and not being one of our tech Guru’s) there wasn’t too much for me to do so I got to relax a little and hang out with some of the players and casters  (shoutout to Griffin, clampOK, Slasher, djWHEAT, sirscoots) and just chill and talk Quake.  With all the beer involved (just beer I swear) in the end I’m just happy nobody got kicked out of the hotel on the first day, but we may have acrued some fines along the way LOL.

I do have to give big props to our tech guys  Stlava and Scimech who worked their asses off to get everything up and running so everyone who didn’t get to make the journy can enjoy it from the comfort of your own home.  Thanks to these guys the BYOC will be seen live to the internet for the first time, on top of that there is official BYOC tournaments being put on by id software – another first.

We got a lot of stuff for everyone out there in internet land, the official BYOC tournies you’re set to see are the QuakeLive 1v1, QuakeLive TDM 2v2, ETQW, and another uniqe first at Qcon.. the under 12 QuakeLive tournament which will feature the future of QuakeLive in a tournament for the next generation.

Oh yah, Newbi, the star of the tricking video Tricking QuakeLive,  is also going to be here.. and he will be all yours answering quaestions about tricking as we put on a tricking expo to show some of the new players – and maybe older players – how to take your movement to the next level.

Keep it locked more info as soon as it is available..

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One Response to “Space Day Zero”

  1. nKane says:

    Sounds awesome! Can’t wait to see some live Streams. I’m heading out to philly tomorrow afternoon, but I’ll be sure to check in on the streams whenever I can. Good job guys :D hope to make it there next year.

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