QLTV/Qunity Delay Keynote.. lawls :)

So we’re in the keynote setting up.. getting the cameras squared away and taping down all the cords so we don’t trip and kill and hapless gamers on their way in.  We just got it done in time on the first run.  The doors were about to be opened, then, roger went to plug in the camera and realized that we had run the cord the wrong way :D

So we had to frantically rip the cord up and then tape it down again.. big props to the iGN camera man who lent us a helping hand getting it all taped back down quickly.  So it started  fifteen minutes late.  We did it.  That’s right.  Us.  Once it got underway there was some very cool stuff to see.. maybe not as exciting as what we are going to see tomorrow but exciting none-the-less.

Biggest on my list was the RAGE trailer.. all new, although it does reuse some footage from previous trailers, but most importantly nearly all gameplay.  FPS gameplay bitches.  You should be able to check it out online anytime in the next couple hours.  Do it.  Go do it now, RAGE is going to rock the boat like no game that has come before it.

We also were made aware of Quake Arena Arcade, a Quake 3 based game coming to the Xbox store which looks amazing.  It should hopefully be the helping hand to get some of those console (newbies) player to finally pick up the most skilled FS on the planet.

Also, you will be able to pickup the DooM: Resurrection iPhone game at the App Store for 2.99$ instead of 9.99$ until the end of QuakeCon, also you’ll be able to pickup Wolfenstein RPG for 99$ instead of 2.99$ for the same time period.  Increase your mobile phone level of gaming leetness.  Go and do it, come Sunday it’s back to regular pricing.

There has been a ton of other cool stuff going on today guys and we have some things for you to look forward to coming up soon.. we’ll have a Qcon Day Zero experience video as well as a breakdown of the stuff we have been seeing in the vendor area so be sure to check back soon.

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6 Responses to “QLTV/Qunity Delay Keynote.. lawls :)”

  1. Louise says:

    So you missed the first 15 minutes???

    Looking forward to see the keynote =)

  2. space says:

    No we didn’t miss the first fifteen minutes.. we delayed the entire keynotes starting time by fifteen minutes :D

    It started late b/c of us nubs lol :)

  3. Thomas says:

    If you can’t wait (like me), IGN is running a live stream here: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/quakecon-2009-live-stream

    Bring on the QLTV VOD though, missed a lot of it.

  4. Thomas says:

    When can we expect it, space? :)

  5. Louise says:

    @space: How cool is that!! :)

    Thank you so much for your hard work at getting the keynote and QA session up :)

  6. Hey guys, when is the John Carmack keynote going to be uploaded? Hopefully soon, it has been a while.

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