Greased’s Day 0 Impressions

QLTV arrived in full force today at QuakeCon ’09.  We met at the BYOC and spent the day setting up our gear.  Our technical guru, Slava is currently hashing out a way to make sure BYOC attendees and the masses on the Internet will be able to see our footage streamed live.  It involves a lot of heavy petting and mood lighting to get Flash Media Encoder, Ustream, and Windows Media Server all working together. We have several different video feeds:  The shoutcasters, a shot of the BYOC area, and of course, the in-game perspective.

I’ve already spotted Marty Stratton, and Todd Hollenshead of id Software.  Ash and T-Dawg have been working their tails off preparing for opening day.  As busy as those guys get, I’m always impressed with their ability to spare some time for everyone who needs their attention or expertise.  And, as usual, the NOC crew is performing their IT magic.

Tonight, I sat down for a short interview with the QuakeUnity crew.  The masses waiting to get into the event served as our backdrop as we filmed, and the anticipation was palpable.

We’re working on our coverage schedule and will try to release the times for our BYOC events on Twitter.  Expect to see QuakeLive King of the Hill, QuakeLive 2v2 TDM, a QLive 1v1 tournament, and maybe even some ETQW 4v4 Infantry action.

Stay tuned for a few of our first QCon 09 pics!

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